Hello there. Sit down, have a cup of coffee. I, for one, am having a steaming cup, despite the fact that Sevilla has started to sizzle up.

I am at the mercy of my associates in New York’s schedules and so I am trying to kill some time by starting this blog until they call me back. I have recently fired myself from my other energy-consuming job running a internet café and here’s hoping that I organize the last few years of my life better. I’ve tried hard to keep a journal but as some of you may know, when life happens … well, there isn’t much time to document anything.

So a fair warning to you, my dear reader. There will be no organization whatsoever to this attempt to document my fairly colourful life. It will be a hodge-podge of my past, present, and whatever interest I seem to have taken up at the moment.

Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful friendship.