On a recent trip to Tarifa, wind capital of Europe, a friend introduced me to a charming café. Café Azul, located in the main drag of the town, is a tiny yet airy space that bequeaths the feeling of North Africa, just a few kilometers across the sea.

The interior is inviting and cozy and has managed to achieve a sense of warmth and cool tranquility. Fruit and homemade pastries on display makes one feel like they are entering a friend’s kitchen. Everything about this place conveys health and a ”feel good” sensation.

The breakfast menu is extensive, ranging from the traditional Spanish tomato and olive oil on toast, to American bacon and eggs. But the real gem of this little nook are the crepes. Salty or sweet, they offer toppings from fresh fruit, to veggies, to hams and cheeses -it was a struggle to decide on which to choose. I recommend the ricotta with blueberries. I am a sucker for blueberries.

Café Azul
Calle de la Batalla del Salado 8, 11380 Tarifa