Growing up a few hundred kilometers above the equator introduced me to a lifestyle of fresh fruit year-round and the (what seemed to be a losing battle) struggle to beat the heat. One can find fruit shakes (as we call them) readily available all over Southeast Asia in a large variety of flavours – mango, banana, coconut, star fruit, lychee … you name it, we got it.

After I moved to the USA, my habitual dose of fruity goodness was put off for a while. For me the fruits just didn’t just ”taste right”, being shipped so far in an early stage, they just don’t get the same flavour. Until I moved to Hawai’i. There I found my long-lost love for the chilled, fruity refreshment that surfers seemed to have adopted as their official drink.

This particular one pictured below is Andalusian by nature. Strawberries from the coast, splashed with orange juice. Just perfect for this already sizzling spring weather.