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A few months ago while looking for some old correspondence in my Gmail account, I came across some emails that lead me to my old blog. I had completely forgotten that I had started one before and it had gotten misplaced in my head somewhere in the last 3 continents.

Before moving to Vitoria, Brazil, I was a mental wreck. I had a huge loft to myself filled with clothing (I was a girly girl back then, the Imelda Marcos kind of absurdity) and hundreds of books – not to mention art supplies, darkroom photography supplies, and archives.

In the midst of the disaster, somewhere between crying and calling Goodwill (or was it Salvation Army?), I sat down and found humor in my misery …

The 5 Stages of Packing

(First published February 28th, 2006)

Whilst packing for what seems like the 45th time in the year, I had come to realise that packing follows the same 5 stages as grief. I will emphasize:


– Denial that the baggage limitations have changed
– Denial that suitcases are really made just those sizes


– One starts to bargain one item for another (”this top would be more practical since it goes with more pants than this top …”)
– ”But, but, I could really, really use 5 pairs of flip flops while I’m there”, ”We could be trapped in a monsoon!!!”


– One starts to be angry with themselves for not being able to live without such unnecessary items
– One starts to be angry with inanimate objects who just don’t seem to shrink or fold as much as one would like to
– One becomes angry with the airlines for putting such ridiculously small baggage limits
– One starts to stop, push, punch and use other forms of violence in order to make more space in the luggage


– One feels pain for having to leave so many things behind
– One feels a sense of deep loss for said objects
– One becomes anguished with this loss


– One accepts that need is more important than want and has to choose items based on this fact
– One bids farewell to excess baggage (and in this case, literally)
– One consoles oneself that ”hey, if I miss something, at least I will have an excuse to shop”

❤ Help keep my dream of travelling and photographing the world alive ❤



Spain will be holding local elections tomorrow Sunday, 22 of May 2011. This has been one of the most tumultuous one in recent years provoking a nationwide indignation, uprising, calls for revolution and whatnot. Here President José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero walks out to a welcoming crowd, flanked by José Griñan and Mayoral candidate Juan Espadas.

Dances with bulls

Bullfighter Daniel Luque comes dangerously close to a bull.

One of the things that I love about living in Europe is the feeling of living in history. There are corners, little monuments, ruins, that date back from even God knows when. History is something that is present in your everyday life and every one and their granmother will tell you a different story of how what came to be. The gallery that I collaborate with has recently had the pleasure of working with the city hall to expedite a project pertaining to one of Spain’s most important poets and his family (more on that in future posts). We were also lucky enough to be the exposition to inaugurate the Convento de Santa Clara of Seville. The restauration was slow and we were delayed by months, and even so parts of the convent are in a state od disrepair – which I feel gives the place a more interesting feel. This is my favorite corner, a discovery I made in the second level.

Earth Day

Just wanted to show my appreciation to this great big ball that’s been keeping me housed, fed and full of things to do and discover!

Happy Earth Day! I hope we learn to take care of it better than we have in the past.

I, being a photographer for a few publications and having partaken in an important restoration project for the city, have now become the go-to person for my friends’ and colleagues’ Adobe needs. Meaning every so often I am called in for a ”favor” to install or update their systems. And give them a crash course in how the simplest things work of course. In which I actually end up doing their work for them. My big question is ….

Why do people keep updating their software if they haven’t even learned to use the last version?

Hello there. Sit down, have a cup of coffee. I, for one, am having a steaming cup, despite the fact that Sevilla has started to sizzle up.

I am at the mercy of my associates in New York’s schedules and so I am trying to kill some time by starting this blog until they call me back. I have recently fired myself from my other energy-consuming job running a internet café and here’s hoping that I organize the last few years of my life better. I’ve tried hard to keep a journal but as some of you may know, when life happens … well, there isn’t much time to document anything.

So a fair warning to you, my dear reader. There will be no organization whatsoever to this attempt to document my fairly colourful life. It will be a hodge-podge of my past, present, and whatever interest I seem to have taken up at the moment.

Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful friendship.